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Palm Beach Premier Kitchen, Bathroom & Home Remodeling Services

Palm Beach Premier Remodeling makes the residential building and renovation process enjoyable, fun and stress free.  As experienced craftsmen, our top priority is to find solutions that fit our clients’ needs. Whether your project requires a new kitchen, bathroom, extensive renovation or even a new custom build, we pay attention to every detail, ensuring our customers have a pleasurable experience.

Palm Beach Premier Remodeling has gained it’s impeccable reputation from putting customers first. We have been remodeling homes in Palm Beach County for years, always putting our principles and core values first. Those values include timeliness, attention to detail while always adopting a solution oriented approach. These principles have lead us to develop long term relationships with our clients. We hope to add you to the Premier family.

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Palm Beach Premier Remodeling Services

We’re here to help you achieve the perfect look for your home without any hassle. Our process is simple; we take your ideas and wishes for your home and bring them to life through hard work and a little creativity.
All you have to do is imagine it.
We achieve this by working with teams of talented contractors who specialize in various areas of home renovation. Here are a few of the services we offer.

Palm Beach Premier Remodeling Kitchen Renovation

Palm Beach County Kitchen Remodeling

Many homeowners in Palm Beach area consider their home kitchen as a gathering place for family and friends. In short, kitchens are the heartbeat of every home, and a perfect design adds quality of life to your family and friends. For this reason, it is appropriate to consider kitchen refurbishment as it is the simplest way of keeping up with a classy and welcoming kitchen space.

You have to hire an expert to do your kitchen restoration and we are dedicated to doing the kitchen renovation job for you. You can never go wrong with hiring our services as we ensure you get what you deserve according to your budget.

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Palm Beach Premier Remodeling Kitchen Renovation
Custom Wood Kitchen cabinets

Palm Beach County General Contracting

At Palm Beach Premier Remodeling, we provide our esteemed clients with general contracting services. We bring together our expertise, resources, and the leadership needed to deliver construction and renovation projects successfully.

General contracting covers a wide range of services including construction, block fence construction, swimming pool design and development, door & window installation, floor installation, electrical works, interior & exterior painting, house renovations, and any other home improvement projects.

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Small bathroom remodel

Palm Beach County Bathroom Remodeling

Like any other renovation project in your home, bathroom restoration is one of the best ways to upgrade your house. At Palm Beach Premier Remodeling, we can renovate your bathroom to create a suitable space where all life’s worries will be washed away.

From replacing your sink to upgrading your bathtub, our high sense of professionalism will leave you amazed. We can also customize your large or small bathroom to your personal design taste by adding modern finishes and accessories.

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Small bathroom remodel
Beige Painted Home

Palm Beach County Interior & Exterior Painting

One of the best ways to make your house stand out in the neighborhood is to repaint it. Interior and exterior painting is a job that requires professionalism. From choosing the color suitable for your home to choosing the right quality of paint, you can never go wrong with the right type of professionalism. 

From commercial to a residential building in all cities in Palm Beach County, you can never go wrong by hiring our Palm Beach Premier interior and exterior painting services.

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New hardwood flooring install

Palm Beach County Flooring Installation

When searching for floor installation services near me, Palm Beach Premier Remodeling is always there to provide the best assistance and service that you can’t regret paying for. We offer a wide range of floor installation designs and styles to suit your personal taste. From wood flooring installation to 3D tiles installation, our home renovation company is always there to serve you. 

Many homeowners around Palm Beach County have trouble choosing the appropriate flooring for their house. With our services, you don’t need to worry as our experienced floor installation experts will provide suggestions and project estimates that suit your budget.

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New hardwood flooring install
Triple Crown Molding

Palm Beach County Carpentry

Another service we have vast experience and knowledge is in interior and exterior carpentry. Whether it is the installation of kitchen cabinets to the building of a wood fence, our experienced carpenters will handle all the woodwork for you.  We have served a large area of Palm Beach County installing built-in wood cabinets, entertainment & media cabinets, baseboards, and crown moldings (whether single, double, or triple). 

We specialize in all kinds of home improvement carpentry work in Palm Beach County, including custom kitchen furniture, woodwork construction trims, kitchen & bathroom cabinet design, and modeling. We even do custom furniture according to your specifications.

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window installation Palm Beach County

Drywall Repair & Texturing

Most homeowners can agree that there is nothing more visually disturbing than seeing cracks or holes in your walls and ceiling. Does this mean you need to do house renovation? Maybe yes or maybe no but the only way to know is to consult us and have us visit you for drywall repair or texturing design consultation.

We consider ourselves the best home refurbishment contractors to fix drywalls and ceilings near you. If you are looking for quick turnaround, we will get the job done.

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window installation Palm Beach County
Stucco Wall Bathroom

New Doors & Windows

Whether you are building a new house or just refurbishing your existing one, door & window installation is not something you want to joke with by hiring amateurs. The installation of doors and windows requires the right amount to prep work first from taking measurements, choosing the right type of doors and windows, to fixing them appropriately.

We are dedicated to providing door & window installation services in commercial and residential building in Palm Beach, Florida. 

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Home Remodeling Near Me

Our team of experts guarantees to deliver your project in a timely manner and within the required quality standards. You can rely on our subcontractors and partners to work together with you to achieve your desired goals.

If your goal is to achieve a particular look on your home or house, we are always ready to work together with you to transform your home into the one you’ve ever imagined. Our Palm Beach County general contracting services are available year round and we service areas from Wellington to Boca Raton.

Palm Beach Premier Bathroom Renovations
open kitchen renovations

Kitchen restoration might include painting, floor, and wall tile installation, cabinet design and installation, or even a complete make-over. At Palm Beach Premier Remodeling, there is no small or big kitchen renovation job we can’t handle around Palm Beach County.

Our bathroom renovation services might include installation of granite counters, fixing of bathroom cabinets, bathroom floor tiling, installation of custom sinks & vanities, fixing of safety showers tubs and showers, and general bathroom renovations. All our bathroom make-over services are available in Palm Beach County.

Interior of modern spacious bathroom renovation

Palm Beach Premier bathroom remodeling experts are always available to provide suggestions and bathroom remodel service estimates. You can also contact us for all your questions concerning custom bathroom renovation.

One advantage of hiring our Palm Beach Premier floor installation services is that we have what it takes to get you the best quality floor designs & styles, and we guarantee that the installation job will be done to your satisfaction.

Interior of modern spacious bathroom renovation
brand bew kitchen design

At Palm Beach Premier Remodeling, interior and exterior painting has been our job for years this has enabled us to achieve the necessary experience.

We offer drywall repair and texturing around Palm Beach at affordable prices and on time.

We are one of the best home renovation companies offering door & window installation in and around Palm Beach County. Don’t take chances, give us a call today and we will do the rest.

luxury bathroom design remodel

If you have no idea of what type of furniture would improve the look of your house, you don’t need to worry as our woodwork experts will provide suggestions that will truly amaze you. On top of that, our experts will also suggest interior decors and painting that will match your house with the new furniture. Our home refurbishment company is truly the best company offering carpentry services in all Palm Beach cities.

Give us a call today, and we will be available for your home make-over consultation questions.

luxury bathroom design remodel

We Do Home Remodeling, Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation and Custome Home Building All Over palm Beach County

When searching for the best home and house renovation contractor near me, it’s important you go with a contractor you can trust. If you want a timely response to any questions you might have, feel free to call us now, or check out our frequently asked questions page.