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Although most home renovation services have been offered for a while, some home and business owners still have questions for some of our services. This is not surprising since home remodeling comprises of a wide range of activities. 

If you want to remodel your home or place of business and don’t know where to start, then we have some useful information for you. We have also attached the Palm Beach County Building Code HERE. We do our best to answered some of the most common home renovation questions asked by customers.

How do I choose the right home renovation contractor?

In our opinion, it is important to choose a home refurbishment contractor who has been around for a long time. These kinds of home renovation contractors have gained experience working around most tasks that involve renovation and general contracting. They have either maintained a good or bad reputation depending on the level of quality of the services they provide. 

And remember, you are looking for services that should be professional and critical to your home. So it is important you deal with a home renovation company with excellent customer representative services.

How do I know what is needed for my renovation?

When you have a renovation project, it is necessary you understand what is needed for your home improvement. It is advisable to choose a home renovation contractor that explains the process, how long it will take, and all the necessary materials needed for your project’s completion. In our opinion, you should choose a home refurbishment contractor who is equipped with all the tools and materials required for your project. This minimizes the hassle and stress associated with searching for those materials.

How long will remodeling projects take and how much will they cost me?

To understand how long your home renovation projects will take and how much it will cost, it is advisable to inquire from your contractor. Reputable contractors like Palm Beach Premier Remodeling lets you know from the outset of your project how much it will cost for the whole job and how long it will take. We do not have hidden costs, and you don’t have to worry about cost overruns when you hire us.

What do I need to put into consideration when designing my remodeling project?

When planning your home refurbishment project, there are various factors to put into consideration. First, you have to consider your home and your neighborhood. Try to think about the changes you expect to happen to your home in the next ten years. Also, try to consider the value you expect to be added by the renovation you are undertaking.

In our opinion, your home renovation contractor should appropriately provide a recommendation. This is because they are experienced in such projects, and they understand various concepts such as adding extensions, choosing materials, and general contracting services. When you hire a reputable home renovation contractor like Palm Beach Premier Remodeling, you will be advised appropriately when you are undertaking any of your desire home improvement projects.

Can I stay in my home or place of business during the remodeling project?

This absolutely depends on what kind of renovation is going on in your home or place of business. Some of the upgrades are minor, and you can still stay at your home or place of business when they are still ongoing. Complete renovation projects might require you to find somewhere else to stay, depending on your renovation contractor.

At Palm Beach Premier Remodeling, we have effective disruption measures that ensure you don’t have to move while we are renovating your home or place of business. We provide temporary kitchens, bathrooms, walls, and even fencing. This means you can still stay when we continue doing the renovation project.

How do I know that my property is in safe hands?

With home remodelers at your home or business place, you might wonder if your property is in safe hands. A reputable home renovation contractor should have a strict code of conduct to ensure the security of your property. 

At our home refurbishment contractor, we have a code of conduct that requires our home renovation experts to work only on what the client needs. This prevents disruptions in other areas of your home or business. We also have a no-smoking policy, no loud music, and a requirement that mandates all respect for the home or business owner. These ensure that your property won’t be tampered with.

What palm beach county regulations should I consider when undertaking renovation and remodeling projects?

Having an understanding of your local council’s regulations is essential when you are undertaking any renovation project. You may face hefty fines if you are not permitted to undertake such endeavors without a permit. Most of the extensions and renovation projects, whether residential or commercial, should be approved before such work begins.

But working with a reputable home remodeling company like Palm Beach Premier Remodeling ensures that your project meets all regulations. We obtain all the necessary permits on your behalf before we start your home improvement project. We also ensure that we get the relevant planning and building approvals. This reduces the hassle and stress associated with the process of obtaining permits and approvals for your project.

Can you help with the planning and design phase of my project?

Your contractor should do all the designing and planning of your home renovation project. At our home renovation and Refurbishment Company we do help in the design and planning of a project. We take full responsibility for planning and design to provide an accurate estimate considering your budget estimate. If you have already done the planning and design, we can do the dirty work for you provided we follow your budget for the project. 

Do you have experts I can rely on?

We have certified experts for all the areas we provide our services. Whether it is kitchen refurbishing, carpentry, home renovation, or general contracting, we have professionals handling all your projects. We only use professionals to ensure that your project is delivered within the expected quality standards and that there are no-cost overruns involved. Therefore, you can hire us and rest assured that experienced and professional experts are handling your project.