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Small Kitchen Remodel Wellington

Our specialty isn’t just full-size kitchens and home remodels; at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling, we are experts at converting small spaces into second kitchens and improving everything from pantries and guest house kitchens, to backyard dining areas and second kitchens.

We have extensive experience in small-scale and large-scale transformations and offer our services for residential and commercial purposes!

Our experienced designers and contractors know what it takes to make a “space-challenged” kitchen one of the best rooms in the house.

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What Are the Advantages of A Small Kitchen?

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A well-designed dining area and small kitchen can bring new life to a house while opening up the floor plan for other additions. A more manageably-sized kitchen comes with its perks, especially if it is a second kitchen in a separate area of the house. Perhaps you would like your guest house to be full-service, including its own bathroom [link to small bathroom page], kitchen area, and living space. Your guests will feel like kings and queens when they stay at your place and will always jump on the opportunity to stay over again. 

Here are just a few reasons why a small kitchen remodel or addition is important for your home: 

  • Small kitchens offer a large amount of space for other amenities in the house. If you’ve ever considered adding an additional bathroom, or specialty amenities such as a gym or a movie theater, small kitchens can afford extra space. 
  • If we’re talking about your second kitchen, it is a great idea to remodel if you have frequent guests staying at the guest house. To make sure that your guests get the most out of their visit, quality amenities are a must-have. 
  • Small kitchens are incredibly practical. No space goes unused, as every part of the kitchen must be as functional as possible. Its crucial that every area serves a purpose, which makes food prep quite efficient. 
  • Small kitchens cost less. A smaller space requires fewer materials such as countertops, cabinetry, and appliances. Whether it is your second kitchen or simply enjoy the functionality of a smaller space, a smaller kitchen is suitable for a variety of reasons. Cut down on space, add a few layers of functionality, and top with a sprinkle of modern design! 
  • Smaller kitchens tend to have smaller appliances, fewer sinks, and fewer lights, which can end up saving you quite a bit of money when it comes to electric bills. If being eco-friendly is a concern for you when it comes to owning a home, updating your small kitchen should be at the top of the list. 

In addition to the reasons listed above, many people choose to upgrade or add second/small kitchens to their home because it adds even more value and functionality to their home. Whether you are looking to sell your household, or have frequent parties/guests over, a small kitchen remodel is never a bad decision. Since you spend such a large amount of time in or near that room, remodeling your small kitchen is always a good idea. 

Small kitchen remodels in Wellington have never been easier with Palm Beach Premier Remodeling! We strengthen the second heart of your beating home and save you money while providing style, grace, and efficiency.

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Kitchen Renovations Are Always A Good Idea

Whatever size your kitchen is, we are able to take an out-dated, dull kitchen and turn it into an absolute masterpiece! As a gathering place and room full of memories, we believe that a kitchen should be one of the best – if not the best – looking room in the house. If you have a vision for your small kitchen remodel, bring it to one of our expert contractors! 

With decades of experience in the business and hundreds of kitchen remodels under our belt, the pros at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling will make sure that your small kitchen leaves a big impression. It’s hard to make comfort food when the sight of your kitchen doesn’t bring you a degree of comfort; allow us to change the way you view kitchen remodels. 

As licensed, insured, and bonded professionals, we have an enormous amount of creative capacity and technical know-how. When you combine these two aspects with years of experience and an eye for detail, you can rest assured knowing that your small kitchen remodel in Wellington is in the best hands possible. If you’d like to learn more about our services, or would like to speak with a representative about our services, give us a call at (561) 291-7431 or visit our contact page! When you work with Palm Beach Premier Remodeling, your vision is our reality.