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Home Remodeling Wellington

As modernization continues to be widely adopted in homes, more and more homeowners are seeking reliable home remodeling services in Wellington. However, it is not always an easy task finding expert home renovators. Expert services entail perfect refurbishment and installation services with the kind of materials you prefer and at affordable rates.

While home refurbishment services have been available for years in commercial and residential spaces, only recently that homeowners have adopted these expert services. 

Whether you have a construction project or need your bathroom or kitchen refurbished, it is advisable to choose the right home refurbishment company. Palm Beach Premier Remodeling continues to provide the best home remodeling services in Wellington. Our expert home restoration team can help enhance the appearance and value of your home. 

It does not matter which home restoration service you need; our home refurbishing experts in Wellington will work their best to give the desired results. Our unique services cover interior and exterior home renovations, custom closet design and walk-in closets that can last for a lifetime.

Wellington Home Renovations

If you have a home improvement project on your mind, then you are on the right page. Palm Beach Premier Remodeling continues to provide the best in home renovation & custom closets services around Wellington. Our positive reputation guarantees you get the best workmanship the industry has to offer. Below are the home restoration services we offer in Wellington.

Kitchen Remodeling Wellington Fl

Wellington Kitchen Remodeling

Countless benefits come with refurbishing your kitchen, and they are worth your time and money. For one, you get a chance to breathe new life into your old kitchen. Another benefit is that you get to transform your kitchen to catch up with modern styles and accessories. 

Kitchen remodeling should be cost-effective and fantastic when you hire the right home renovation contractor. At Palm Beach Premier Remodeling, we offer the best in kitchen refurbishment services in Wellington. From planning, design, budgeting, to the complete refurbishment, we are truly the best.

kitchen island counters and remodel
bathroom renovation

Wellington Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom renovation is not an easy task. It requires technical skills and expertise to get the desired results. It takes the services of a reliable and experienced home renovation company to redesign and rebuild your bathroom to that modern look you’ve been anticipating for. 

Not to worry, our home refurbishment company is always ready to offer bathroom renovation services in Wellington. With years of experience in bathroom repairs and restoration, we have developed a positive reputation among the clients we have served in Palm Beach County.

Wellington General Contracting

Overtime, most homeowner in Wellington will have a sizable construction, renovation, or  the luxury of converting a bedroom to a walk-in closet project at one point. The problem is when you don’t have time to supervise the workers, manage the resources, order for supplies, or other construction materials. 

The solution is simple, and that is hiring general contracting services you can trust. Our home refurbishing company offers general contracting services in Wellington to save you time, money, and the stress that results from managing your project.

Home Renovations Wellington Florida
interior painting services

Interior & Exterior Painting

When it comes to painting the exterior and interior of your house, it is best to leave it to the experts. Painting is not something you want to joke with, especially if you care about the appearance of your home. There are so many factors to consider including the type of paint; it’s quality, and more critical the procedure of applying paint for long-lasting effects.

Our home refurbishing company offers the best interior and exterior painting solutions in Wellington. You should consider using our Wellington interior and exterior painting services for guaranteed surface elegance throughout the years. 

Floor Installation

When it comes to floor installation, there is a lot to choose from. Many homeowners in Wellington may get confused when choosing the right type of floor for their house or garage. Floor installation is not a do-it-yourself type of project. This means that you require an experienced expert to give flooring suggestions, plan, design, and install your desired kind of floor.

Luckily, Palm Beach Premier Remodeling is the only reliable floor installation contractor in Wellington you can trust. We help all our clients in choosing, budgeting, and installing their floor at unbelievable prices. Our floor installation expertise ensures the floor lasts longer while retaining its appearance, rigidity, and value. 

new wood flooring
new residential exterior door installation

Wellington Doors & Window Installation

Whether it is your garage door or your house doors and windows, you will require special attention when choosing the types to use. As a homeowner, you should ensure that the installation process is the right one to avoid frequent failure.

We are the best home restoration contractor in Wellington offering door and window installation services that will leave you impressed. From selection, supply, fixing, and installation of accessories, we are indeed the best.

Drywall Repair & Texturing

As your best home renovation contractor in town, we understand that nothing is frustrating as cracks or holes in your walls and ceiling. Maybe it is not a good idea to try and do these repairs on your own to avoid causing more damage. Or so, you might be busy, and you need to hire the right kind of person to help you.

Our home refurbishment company offers the most affordable and high quality drywall repair and texturing services in Wellington. Our experts have experience using the right tools and materials to deliver impeccable results.  

new interior wall and painting
carpentry custom built shelves and cabinets


Carpentry is more of an art, and having the best furniture and wood finishing in your home can brighten up its mood. This is the reason why you should only hire the best carpenter to design and build your furniture and other wood accessories. At Palm Beach Premier Remodeling, we believe we are the right home restoration company to handle all your carpentry projects. 

Our team is experienced and skilled in making modern furniture and other wood fittings in your house. If you prefer trendy and quality carpentry services, you can trust us with the job. If it is a custom walk-in closet with custom wood cabinets, shelves and drawers, we have you covered.

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When you find a reliable home renovation contractor, it means you have a straightforward opportunity to improve your home. For the best choice in home refurbishment and renovation in Wellington, choose our experienced contractors at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling today.

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