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Wellington New Construction

When you buy your first home, you are elated. It is quite an event and is something you will remember forever. When you build a home for the first time, however, that’s a whole new experience. 

Most people buy a home at some point, but few homeowners build their own. If you are starting to look into the unique process of building a home, then you probably know that you need an excellent partner in the new construction business. In Wellington, that partner is Palm Beach Premier Remodeling.

When you decide on new construction for your home, you are choosing more. You want more personalized design and more of “you” in your home. You are also choosing more work. This process includes a large number of plans to arrange, coordinate, and monitor. 

The administrative burden of new construction is the number one reason that amateur new construction projects fail. So choose a partner with the know-how to build your home to perfection.

Experienced & Reliable Contractors

We are the masters of the big details and the little ones. We get things right the first time. Your new construction and the vision you have had for years shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone. 

We have a fantastic reputation in Wellington because we do what we say, on time and stick to the planned design. Our level of expertise is exactly what you want as you search for a new construction contractor in Wellington.

It’s true that you can’t put a price on your dreams. But you can and should put one on your dream home. And your contractor must be able to honor that. Our scope and experience in the new construction business in Wellington allows us to remain a premier home building company.

Wellington General Contracting

We Handle All Permits

Navigating the red tape of new construction can be overwhelming. Going into a project with little or no experience in the permit process will put undue pressure on you. 

We have experts who know precisely what permits they need to pull and when. They understand how the building department works and will not get lost in the system. Our team can save you weeks and even months in this step. Time is money, and we know how to save you both.

We Specialize in Custom Construction

You like to be you, and that’s just fine with us. It’s what new construction is all about. Putting your vision into practice and building the home of your dreams is an honor and a privilege. 

We have the craftsmen to execute even the most exacting designs to bring out the beauty in your new home. Whatever the materials or plan, we can make it happen. If you can dream it, we can build it.

luxury Custom Home Wellington Fl

Our Contracting Team is Large

We have a vast range of partners in our network, and you are the main beneficiary of that. All the top suppliers and contractors in Wellington work with us. They know and trust us so that we can work together to give you an excellent finished product. 

Don’t spend your valuable time leaving voice messages with subcontractors. Don’t settle for amateurs who won’t call you back. Our extensive network of suppliers and subcontractors are professionals. We demand excellence from them, just as you should from us. We handle all the logistics and communication for you.

custom Kitchen Wellington Fl

Peace of Mind

When you hire Palm Beach Premier Remodeling for your new construction, you can rest easy because we are fully insured. There really can be no replacement for the peace of mind that this brings to our customers. New construction in Wellington is safe with us.

Building your dream home should be an organized, straightforward process that allows you to control the big picture but also gives you the ability to stay sane. That sanity is guaranteed when you hire us for your new construction project in Wellington.


Will I ever have to do anything with building permits?

No, you will not. We have been working with the building permit process for a very long time. We know the ins and outs of it and can minimize lag time to keep the momentum going. Experience is key to the preparation process, and no one has more experience in Wellington than we do.

Do you build custom designs or only spec designs?

We certainly can build to specs for your new construction, but we specialize in custom construction. We provide not only carpentry and other building services but also design and project management. Our architects and designers will work with you to plan your best possible home.

What happens if there is an accident on-site during construction?

Hopefully, there is no such event during your new construction. It’s rare because we work hard to make our job sites as safe as possible. But accidents can happen. We carry full independent insurance for your peace of mind.