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Tips To Plan Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

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Tips To Plan Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

If your current kitchen is too small, old, or outdated, you need to remodel it. Some homeowners begin remodeling their kitchens by collecting inspiration photos. Others start by shopping for appliances. And still, others begin by hiring experts. We at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling advise that homeowners should not start any activity in the kitchen until they develop actionable plans.

Do Adequate Research, Learn From Kitchen Remodeling Pros

The best kitchen should reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle. Think about what you need the kitchen to help you achieve. Also, you need to find other valuable sources of information to help you make an informed decision. You can get remodeling styles, sources of quality and affordable materials, and useful remodeling ideas by visiting various home stores and kitchen showrooms. You can also attend a neighborhood home tour to connect with other homeowners as you observe their kitchen renovations and layouts. 

Kitchen Remodeling Project

Set Your Budget

After gathering adequate information, set aside the amount of money that you plan to spend on remodeling the kitchen. Use the hard data and facts you gathered during your homework to create a realistic budget. The best kitchen remodelers advise homeowners to aim for conservative budgets that are below their maximum budgets. This method is particularly helpful if you have a large remodeling project. From experience, these projects can end up consuming more of your money and time than you planned for, and you need to mitigate the risk by following this piece of advice. 

The basic rule is to add between 10 and 20% of the total budget for unplanned expenses. By following this tip, you will not start scrambling for costly loans to complete the work. 

Set Your Remodel Timeline

Don’t leave room for anyone to dictate how long the remodeling should take. You need to recommend a reasonable timeline to get enough time to focus on other essential things as well. To set the appropriate time frame, consider the scope and size of your particular project. 

If you have no idea how long your experts can take to remodel a kitchen, you can allocate nine months. This is a lot of time, and if you make the best use of it, you are able to stay on budget and achieve your desired goal. Out of this available time, set aside six months for proper planning and getting everything ready. The three months are enough for your remodeling experts to handle the rest of the work. 

Many homeowners finish their kitchen remodeling projects much faster. You can do the same if you already know the required products, vendors, and contractors to work with from the beginning to the end of your project.

How to Prepare Your Kitchen Space

You have the responsibility to map out your kitchen space for convenience. The best contractors can only advise you on how to go about this, but the ultimate responsibility lies in your hands. When planning your kitchen space, you need to consider the following: 


Thirty-six inches of counter space is ideal for food preparation. For a positive experience, one side of the sink should be 18 inches and the other 24 inches. You are free to increase the measurements if that suits your needs. 

Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets is crucial in any remodeling project. Cabinets are usually the focal point of any kitchen. We produced a comprehensive kitchen cabinet guide that will help guide you.


Whenever you open the doors of your appliances, there should be adequate walking space in front of them. Leave a floor space that measures between 30 and 48 inches or more. Besides, think about the safety and usability of your appliances, particularly the refrigerator. If you want to station your fridge adjacent to the walls, ensure its doors swing in the opposite direction.


Think about the traffic flow as well. You should plan for at least 42 inches between the island and the counters. With the spacious sidewalks, other people can walk with ease through without interfering with those who are working at the counters.


Give your dull concrete floors life. Cooking in an attractive kitchen can make the work more enjoyable. Plan to apply an epoxy flooring mortar to increase your kitchen’s aesthetic value.

Map Your Kitchen Layout

Before experts start remodeling a kitchen, they ask whether the homeowner has the overall kitchen layout. Unlike other rooms, kitchens need to be functional and practical, and that makes the layout a vital thing to think about in advance. For you to identify your layout priorities, reevaluate how you have been using your existing kitchen. Also, think about the new advancements that you need to incorporate in the new one. 

Consider whether the classic work triangle is the best for you. This layout involves arranging the refrigerator, the stove, and the sink to form a triangular pattern.

If more than one person is working in the kitchen, you need to consider incorporating more workstations. Where applicable, you can buy a mobile cart that one can put away whenever it is not in use.

Choose Quality Materials

You should shop for quality products and remodeling materials. For the safety of your kitchen, you need quality countertops, appliances, and cabinets. You should also give careful thought to the materials you want to use for flooring. The floors should be durable and attractive. 

If you cannot purchase new materials due to budgetary issues, you can explore quality used materials.

When you aim for quality, you reduce the chances of having to repeat the kitchen remodeling process. 

Final Consideration Before Remodeling a Kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen can take weeks or months to complete. It starts with proper planning. But at some stage, you might need to involve professional contractors, designers, plumbers, and more. If you are not an expert in this area, invite a qualified person to discuss your expectations and requirements. They will confirm whether you have planned your kitchen in a manner that guarantees you and your family the ease of movement and convenience. 

Remember that no one should talk you into things that you do not feel will serve your best interest. If the contractor has a different interest from yours, just walk away. You know what you want, and the best kitchen remodeler should help you to achieve that. But be ready to change a few things if that is done in your best interest. 

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