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Palm Beach Island Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of the home.  Memories, meals, and moments of love and laughter are shared here.  Let us help you turn this gathering place into one that fosters these memories.  Our team will bring a stylish and comfortable ambience into your home. Palm Beach Premier Remodeling is just a call away – invite us into your home for Palm Beach Island home improvement services today! 

Every family and every cook are different; each with their own traditions and styles.  Our custom remodeling enables you to tailor our offerings to your dream kitchen. Your kitchen needs to fit your style to elevate your life.  Whether that means extra long counters for some serious cooking, or ample seating for having friends and family over, or simply more windows for extra brightness in the kitchen, Palm Beach Premier Remodeling can take your expectations to the next level. 

Our experience and authentic craftsmanship will guarantee your satisfaction with your new space and new life.  Whatever change you have in mind for your kitchen, we can execute it. Our network, reputation, attention to detail, and transparency throughout the process will make this an easy, stress-free, and budget friendly transition for you.  We provide renovation services for residential, commercial hotels, and restaurants. Our expansive capabilities mean that we provide substantial tools, knowledge, and options to ensure we build your dream kitchen. 

A combination of our acute awareness to detail and an eye for the latest trends, we will help you design the kitchen that you deserve.  We can handle anything from small changes to a complete kitchen transformation. You are the decision-maker guiding us to offer you the highest quality we can. Let’ s get cooking and draw up some plans.

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Palm Beach County’s Best Bathroom Remodeling Team

An aesthetically pleasing, fresh, and functional bathroom is a place of renewal for yourself, your family, and your guests.  We will provide a clean cozy design that will suit your needs. Palm Beach Premier Remodeling will ensure the highest quality as we are a licensed and insured contractor who specializes in bathroom remodeling in Palm Beach County Florida.


Whether you want a quaint intricate bathroom design or modern luxurious space, we have the tools and experience to tailor our service to your needs.  Quality comes first at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling. We are here to help you make choices and be transparent with you from demolishing the old bathroom to the final walk through in your beautiful brand-new space.  Together, let’s make your dream bathroom come to life.


Remodeling can be a stress inducing process, but you’ll find that our expertise, communication, and support will be a reliable stress-reducer.  We help our customers actually enjoy and embrace the process of transitioning a space in their home.


Evident through our testimonials, customers are amazed at how we conceptualized and actualized their dream bathroom.  Even remodeling a small, but significant space can provide your whole home with a fresh feeling. We are reliable and dependable, and we can’t wait to join your team.

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Professionally Finished Bathrooms

We understand that you may be eager to refinish a bathroom yourself.  We admire your ambition, but ask yourself, when the space is complete will it look professional?  With years of experience and resources, we guarantee quality. Our state-of-the-art techniques and professionals will help you to create a flawless bathroom.  This may be more expensive than the D.I.Y project you had in mind, but it will save you time. Because we have a streamlined process, we offer a flexible budget to work with your needs.

Bathrooms Completed on Time & Within a Budget

There is nothing worse than a home renovation taking longer than expected.  You have probably heard horror stories about contractors miscalculating the timeline and working in a home significantly longer than you expected.  At Palm Beach Premier Remodeling, we are devoted to prioritizing your project and sticking to our timeline to avoid unnecessary costs and time, all while implementing the highest quality. 

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Vast Experience in Bathroom Renovation

The decades of experience we have in bathroom renovation have provided us with a network of resources and professionals that only add quality to our remodels.  We have the capability to provide you with the best service and best materials at a low cost without compromising quality. We have perfected our craft over the years, and we are striving towards your satisfaction and custom needs.

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Most of our clients come to us through referrals by previous clients.  Word of mouth is the greatest achievement of quality and reputation. Our clients are satisfied enough to recommend us to their family and friends, putting their own reputation on the line.  Consistency is key at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling, which is why we have repetitively satisfied our clients above and beyond their expectations.