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Kitchen Remodeling Guide

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Have you been saving up for a kitchen-remodeling project?

If yes, how much longer do you have to wait before you set the project in motion? If you are a couple of months away from hitting your target savings then that will give you enough time to carefully plan your kitchen transformation.

Part of the success of a kitchen remodeling is making sure you plan it well especially if you’re on a tight budget. Without a plan, there’s a big chance you’ll go over budget and when that happens you have three options, option A – continue with the project but skimp on other areas like cutting back on your appliances budget or option B – apply for a loan just so you could finish the initial plan even if it means paying for the interest rates or option C – end the project and wait until you have enough money to bring it into completion. If you had planned your project carefully none of these would have to happen. 

If you’re still in the planning phase, consider yourself lucky. Our kitchen remodeling guide will help you determine what you want, what budget is feasible and what you need to do in order to achieve the kitchen of your dreams while staying within your financial plan. If you still need ideas after reading this article, check our our blog on kitchen remodeling ideas

#1: Finalize Your Decisions

Deciding to transform your kitchen is just one of the many decisions you will be making along the way. Before you embark on a major remodeling project it’s important to list down what you want to happen. Being specific about you want your kitchen to look like in terms of design, style and layout is very important for a successful makeover. If you don’t know where to start ask yourself the following questions:

  •   Do I want a timeless white theme for my kitchen or am I going to go for a rustic theme with dark hues?
  •   Is it going to be a mix of my favorite colors or will it be a monochrome kitchen?
  •   Should I choose light colors or dark for my kitchen?
  •   What colors will by floors be? Would they be wood floors or tiles?
  •   How about the counters, are they going to be marble? If so, what color?
  •   Am I going to have a breakfast nook or should I just skip that part?
  •   What lighting will I use?
  • What design should I go for? Modern, retro, minimalist or contemporary?
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Your Style

Are you hell-bent on following a design that is impossible to fit your budget? When it comes to kitchen remodeling, feasibility is paramount. You have to be practical. If you can’t afford the style you want you have to make changes. You can either change everything or make a few adjustments. If you’re rooting for a luxury kitchen design but your budget won’t allow it, find a different design because if you go for cheaper alternatives just to have it your way, you may not get the durability and quality you want for your kitchen.

Proper planning is important to avoid disappointments and frustrations. It also helps to have at least two to three extra design layouts. Just in case one design won’t work at least you have plan B and C.

DIY or Hire Professional Contractors

Another thing you need to decide on is whether you should hire professional contractors to remodel your kitchen or do a DIY project. If this is your first time we strongly discourage you from choosing the latter because chances are, you’ll hate the end result. We’re not questioning your creativity.

You have to understand that remodeling a kitchen is more than just being creative. You have to have the tools, skills, creativity, supplies and many more to make it work. More often than not, homeowners who have chosen to do a DIY kitchen remodeling regretted their decision. Thinking that they can save more by foregoing professional fees, in reality, their expenses doubled because of back work. Meanwhile, if you choose to hire competent builders and contractors you’ll get superior quality work sans the hassle, inconvenience and stress.

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Check The Appliances

A functional kitchen relies mostly on how you arrange your appliances. Place your refrigerator in a specific place where it doesn’t get blocked by a kitchen island, a cabinet or a shelf. When you open your fridge doors you should freely see what’s inside without interruption. In addition, your refrigerator must be near your sink and your dishwasher shouldn’t block your way when you’re using it. Keep this in mind when you are figuring out a layout for your kitchen.

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Choose Your Kitchen Lighting 

Lighting fixtures can do more than just illuminate your kitchen space. When you choose the right light it will greatly improve the ambiance of your kitchen. Aside from deciding on a design such as chandeliers and pendants that come in various sizes and shapes it’s also important to choose LED lighting to help you save money on your power bill.

Never Compromise Quality

In an attempt to save money, homeowners usually resort to cheap appliances. What they don’t realize is that the lifespan of poor quality appliances is rather short. Instead of saving money it will actually cost them more since they will be paying for costly repairs or worse get a replacement sooner than expected. While it can be tempting to choose the fridge that’s 50% cheaper, think about the hassle and the stress when it breaks down all of a sudden. When shopping for appliances to use in your new kitchen, make sure you do your research. Read about the product information, customer reviews and check to see if they offer warranties.

Go For Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Although you can purchase off-the-rack kitchen cabinets at the mall, we think it’s a good idea if you have them custom-made by professionals. Having your kitchen cabinets tailor-made will ensure that you get the right number of shelving and you get to decide the dimensions of the storage space that will suit your needs. Aside from choosing your own measurements, you also get to choose the design you want unlike shopping at furniture shops where your choices are limited. When you entrust your kitchen cabinets to a reliable kitchen remodeling and renovation company you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your investment will last a long time.

Final Kitchen Remodeling Thoughts

Don’t throw away your savings just because you want to experiment with your kitchen because once it’s done, it will take a great deal of money to fix it all over again. If you really want to build your dream kitchen leave this job to the experts. Sure, you’re going to shell out money but once you see the results it will take your breath away because they know how to turn your vision into a reality. What you have in mind will materialize right before your very eyes. Not only will they work on achieving the design you want the materials they use are also made of superior quality to ensure longevity and durability. With these helpful tips, we are confident that it will only be a matter of time before you walk into the kitchen you have always wanted.

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