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Convert Your Guest Bedroom into Your Dream Walk-In Closet

how to convert a small bedroom into a walk-in closet

Walk-in closets are a dream for some home buyers. The size of the closet can make or break a home sale for others. However, converting a bedroom into a walk-in closet is more than just putting up shelves and hoping for the best. Though this method does the job, it lacks the style and glamor that custom remodels can give.

If you’ve got a dream for a massive closet, let us look at 2020’s best ideas for how to convert a small bedroom into a walk-in closet. Palm Beach Premier Remodeling is here to help you design your dream walk-in closet, with the best storage solutions, and the most efficient display options for your favorite clothes.

Assess Your Needs

Before you begin a big remodel project, it’s critical to take a look at your needs, wants, and restrictions. Take a hard look at the contents of your closet, and what you need to be able to store in your new space. 

If you’ve got lots of dresses and long skirts that you want to hang, you’ll need to have taller hanging spaces for them. Some people collect shoes and want a classy way to display all of their shoes for outfit matching. If natural light is something you want to keep or emphasize, your design needs to make windows and mirrors a part of the plan.  

Will the room act as a dressing space as well? Adding a room divider for privacy or a lounge couch for easy changing may be beneficial. Should a vanity have a place in your new walk-in closet? Will you be doing your hair and makeup in the room, or saving those tasks for the bathroom?

Convert a small bedroom into a walk-in closet

Looking at Trends - 2020

Several trends have been popular in the rest of the house, but walk-in closets kind of lack the design detail that goes into kitchens and living spaces. It’s time to buck that trend and make our closets comfortable rooms of peace and enjoyment.

Open Racks

Open cabinets are a popular design feature in kitchens, but did you know you can easily apply it to a walk-in closet? Instead of installing wall to wall and ceiling to floor cabinets, try finding a storage system that leaves the front of the wardrobe open and easily accessible. Open racks give you flexibility in organizing while keeping everything in sight to build the best outfits. 

In most cases, out of sight – out of mind is a good organizing tip, but fashion is visual. Having your clothes, shoes, jewelry, ties, belts, scarves, and accessories on full display makes the space feel lush and colorful. 

Using shelves, drawers, and hanging bars in conjunction with one another is a great way to customize the space to accommodate the different types of clothing you want on display. It starts with a modular set, like the IKEA Pax Wardrobe, so you can customize. Even if you don’t use that exact system, it can help you plan out and design your ideal custom closet cabinets.

Glamor Treatment

Your walk-in isn’t just another room to store your things. This space should be your room of rest and revitalization. A comfortable chair, a small writing desk, a plush carpet, quality light, and lots of mirrors to reflect natural light will help this space feel like it’s fit for a queen. Keeping a decorative Bluetooth speaker in the space will make it feel like you’re a rock star in your dressing room. 

Stay Lit

Lighting is crucial in a dressing room closet. Keeping your windows will keep costs low on your remodel, but removing them will reduce your return on investment. If you’re concerned with privacy, but still want to maintain the natural light in your walk-in, consider decorative window clings or replacing the window with privacy glass

You can extend your natural light with mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Chrome lamps will bounce light around a room, and a vanity with a large mirror or a full-length standing mirror will give refraction and lushness to the closet. This mirror example gives you light, reflection, and storage. 

Keep your furnishings light. Nothing soaks up natural light like dark colors. If you keep your flooring, wall colors, and furniture light, the room feels bigger. Install high-quality lighting to use after the sun goes down, and try to stick with an aesthetic theme that you love.

Repurpose Small Spaces

The current closet in your spare room does its job, but you want more. The reach-in closet is the perfect place to tuck away a comfortable seating area, a writing desk, or vanity. There is no reason your walk-in closet can’t double as a small office, or an area to do your makeup. Sliding your table into the closet frees up valuable wall space for shelves, hanging bars, drawers, and wall hooks. 

The gap above the door can double as storage for out of season shoes, or a small bookshelf. You can also brighten a room with houseplants on a shelf over the door. Another option for this seemingly wasted space is to install a fan or fancy light. 

Putting a shelf at the windowsill and a hanging bar under it for shirts, and pants to hang is a good use of the dead space under a window. Further, a window seat built between shelves will give your friends additional seating while you get ready for your girl’s night out.

Organize Everything

We tend to collect a lot of little things. Using frosted glass-front drawers, or other light-colored containers to organize your little things will save space, and prevent clutter.

Hair accessories, jewelry, watches, makeup, and similar trinkets like to gather in piles around the house. Clutter is the bane of tidy people everywhere. When minimizing isn’t an option, you can always sort and organize. 

There are acrylic drawer dividers that give a professional look when organizing your small things. You can get clear front shoe boxes and shelves, and organize the rest of the closet by color to give it a magazine perfection that a reach-in closet doesn’t have.

Dream Walk-In Closet

Avoid Permanent Change

A giant walk-in closet is fantastic if you plan to spend the rest of your life in the home. However, some people would prefer to pay for extra sleeping space, over extra storage space. If you want to see the best return on investment when it’s time to sell your home, you should make sure that the conversion back to the bedroom isn’t difficult. 

Marketing a home as having three bedrooms and a large walk-in closet is aiming for a very specific market. Listing it as a three-bedroom, with a potential 4th bedroom, will open up the possibilities to more buyers.

Palm Beach Premier Remodeling

However you choose to move forward with your bedroom to walk-in remodel, Palm Beach Premier Remodeling is here to help you along the way. From the design to the actual remodel, we’re here to serve your renovation needs. 

Our representatives are up to date on the newest trends, the best materials, and are proud to serve the Palm Beach area. Give us a call, or send us an email to set up a consultation.

We’re excited to discuss with you how to realize your dream walk-in closet. From flooring to roofing and everything in between, we’ve seen it all. We look forward to helping you experience your dream walk-in closet build.

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