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Is it time to do away with the old shower/tub combo? Living in style and comfort is what many aim to achieve – and owning an impressive bathroom and a few custom showers are things that come with the territory. With thousands of different options to choose from, there’s no reason to live with a shower that doesn’t make you smile. The great news is that there are so many custom shower ideas & designs available for you to choose from! We invite you to take some inspiration from this article. From walk in shower designs to circular glass enclosures, to outdoor spa-like retreats and nature-themed rainbaths, there’s nothing we haven’t seen. 

Best Walk In Shower Designs

Glass Enclosed 

When people talk walk-in showers, the first thing that probably comes up is the glass enclosed shower. Glass showers are great at creating a seamless transition between the rest of the bathroom and the shower itself. Not only are glass enclosed showers elegant, they provide a level of flexibility in design choice – not to mention the minimalist appeal. Some people choose to have a circular shower in the middle of the bathroom, with large circular glass enclosing the space. Others choose to have large, magnificent glass panes that accentuate the lighting of the room. Nothing says fancy like a beautiful glass shower.

remodeled walk in shower and bathtub master bath

Light-Filled or Skylight Custom Showers 

Light can make a huge difference in any room, with the bathroom being no exception. It’s a unique experience to have a window or skylight that lets the sun in right when you wake up to take a shower. It gives the bathroom an exquisite natural light and looks absolutely wonderful with full, seamless glass doors. The sun hitting the water droplets can create a fantastic rainbow of hues and sensations. It truly is a delight to wake up to a sun-filled shower. It gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘sun shower’. 

Small Custom Showers 

If you have a small bathroom that is currently a half-bath, there may be room to fit an additional shower in the corner. A relatively small glass box will avoid that cramped feeling, while giving your guests a unique and comfortable stay. Glass always provides a seamless transition between the flooring substrate and the enclosure of the shower. To save space in a small shower, we often cut a box-shaped niche in the wall so things like shampoo and conditioner bottles won’t take up space. 

small remodeled shower gray tile


A small space in your garden can easily be converted into a private, outside custom shower. We’ve even seen outdoor and indoor side-by-side showers that connect seamlessly! Constructing large wood logs, bamboo, and natural rocks around the glass enclosure will help you feel more connected to nature, whether you’re inside or outside! 

A cement or stone enclosure that is connected to your house outside can also be a perfect place for an outside shower. Surrounded by various plants, flowers, and natural materials, the shower can be made to look like something you’d find in the rocky mountains or the jungles of the Amazon. With wooden floorboards leading to a natural drain over a rainfall showerhead that imitates a tropical paradise, it’ll be quite unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.  

Open Concept 

While this seems to be more popular in Europe, open concept showers are rising in popularity as more and more people adopt the style. A lot of us are very used to showers being enclosed by something or another. Whether it’s a shower/tub combo with a curtain or a glass-enclosed walk-in, walls and doors are not always necessary. An open shower can make a room look and feel much more spacious, and a great designer or builder will always make sure that the water won’t splash into the rest of the bath area.  

Large Walk-In Custom Shower Ideas 

People often refer to this as a spa shower. It goes without saying that for a large walk-in, you’ll need to have a lot of space to accommodate all the necessary components. A spacious enough shower can take up an enclosed rectangular space, with a stand-alone bathtub on one side and a full-shower on the other, with a drain in the middle of the rectangle. 

A large space can also accommodate a beautiful stone bench, an alcove, or a large wall niche. Wall niches are great for storing your shampoos, conditioners, and other beauty products in style. It also adds a more solidified look without the need for metal carriers or baskets. 

large master bath and shower remodel

Benefits of Custom Shower Ideas

There are many benefits of custom showers. The most obvious one is that you’ll have a shower that meets all your needs and expectations. If you or a loved one needs special accommodations, this is especially important. Here are some other considerations when it comes to custom showers: 

  • Walk-in showers are much safer for children and the elderly. You do not have to step over the tall lip of a bath/tub combo; therefore, there is much less chance of injury. Walk-ins are also wheelchair accessible, which is necessary if you have someone in the house that needs this accommodation.
  • Custom showers can open up the bathroom, even if you use the same amount of space. An elegant glass shower will aid an air of brightness and space to the once-crowded area. Simplicity and minimalism can work wonders on an old, tired bathroom. 
  • Walk-in showers and custom showers are easier to clean than traditional showers, as there is less of an area for mold and mildew to accumulate. Glass is also easy to clean!
  • Custom showers generally have fewer and higher-quality elements, which expands the lifespan of the shower. A great build will also cut down on any future renovations in the future. 
  • If you’re getting ready to put your house up on the market and have a custom shower or bathroom, it can be a real highlight for realtors, and a great selling piece of the house. 
  • A custom shower allows for versatility in design and imagination. With numerous options for glass, doors, looks, and designs, a custom shower can truly be one-of-a-kind. 
  • Since glass-enclosed showers are surrounded by tile and cement, the design will trap the hot water vapor. This means that there is a reduced risk of water damage and wood rot. As a bonus, mold is much less likely to appear in the shower. 

The Best Custom Shower Ideas of 2020

While many DIY projects are easily accomplished, building a water-tight custom shower is something that requires an extensive amount of skill and precision. If you live in the Palm Beach County area in Florida, we’ve got great news: we’ve built hundreds of custom showers, and we’re ready to build one for you. Contact Palm Beach Premier Remodeling to see why we set the bar. 

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