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Choosing the Best Home Remodeler

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It’s no secret that choosing the best home remodeler is the most important part of the whole home remodeling process. The old saying “you get what you pay for” has never been more apt when we think about the decision to hire a professional to renovate your home. The experience of home remodeling and renovation can be an exhilarating ride, but it can also come with unforeseen circumstances, unexpected dilemmas, and quite a few headaches.

This is why choosing the best home remodeler for your project is of the utmost importance. An experienced contractor will be able to deal with unexpected issues with ease, while cutting costs for the client. We’ve put this list of tips together to help steer you in the right direction.

1. Call for an Estimate

The purpose of the call is not simply to ask for a projected financial budget; rather, you should gauge how well the company handles and respects potential clients. For any successful home remodeling project, both the client and the contractor will need to maintain a clear line of communication. Any reliable contractor will not steer away from regular contact, whether it is by phone, text, or email.

If you have a specific question about specialty work not listed on the contractor’s website, call and ask exactly what you are looking for. The more your contractor knows about your specifications, the better. An experienced home remodeling professional will be able to build upon your ideas to create a uniquely special renovation.

 2. Don’t Cut Corners

Many contractors will offer rates that seem too good to be true when you take a first glance. We believe that when you are renovating something as important as your home or business it does not pay to cut corners. Looking for a budget deal should not be the goal when choosing a professional. While you are looking at the quotes you receive, make sure to take into account each company’s reviews, references, and previous work. For an accurate estimate, request a list of all the building materials that will be needed for your job. A low estimate may be indicative of poor work in the past (meaning no repeat customers or a company that is desperate for work) or less-than-ideal building materials.

3. Make Sure That the Contractor Has Credentials

Any reputable contractor will have a wealth of knowledge and a number of certificates or abbreviations behind their name. For specialty jobs, it pays to hire an educated and licensed professional home remodeling company.

contractor renovating a houseHiring a licensed, bonded, and insured home remodeler is a must in this industry. Do not consider any home remodeler or contractor that does not have these three guarantees. Every state has a number of regulations and licenses regarding residential and business construction. A licensed contractor will have had to demonstrate requirements for each specific line of work, as required by the state or county that they live in. Often times, a contractor will also have to be insured to be licensed. Insurance is a necessary item for any contractor to have, as it protects the contractor and the client.

Workers’ compensation insurance provides compensation to injured workers in the event of an injury, without putting anyone at fault for the accident. This covers lost wages, medical costs, and everyone’s peace of mind. Liability insurance will cover any injuries or property damage that may incur as a result of a home remodeler’s work. This type of insurance will usually pay for the cost of replacing less-than-adequate work, which is the purpose of bonding.

A bond – or surety bond – protects clients because it serves as another form of insurance. Essentially, if a contractor fails to pay for the necessary permits, or fails to complete the work effectively, home or business owners can contact the surety company to receive financial compensation for an unreasonable performance by the contractor.

4. Be Realistic About Your Budget and the Requirements

Home remodeling can become very expensive very quickly. This is why having an in-depth conversation with your contractor about the realistic budget and material requirements is essential before a job begins. The

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 requirements for a home renovation vary from state to state, and a reliable contractor will know how to and be responsible for requesting and acquiring any and all required permits. Sometimes unexpected costs will arise during this phase, such as old plumbing or outdated wiring. Items such as these are legally necessary and often surprise homeowners. While home remodeling can be expensive, it shouldn’t break your bank.

5. Preparing for the Remodel

The more of an idea you have about the finished product, the smoother the communication will be between you and the contractor. So, how do you get prepared? Make a list of all the necessary materials and requests that you’ll want going into your home. Marble or granite countertops? How about the color of the paint in the kitchen? If you’re replacing the appliances, do you have any specific models in mind?

A few additional questions to ask yourself may apply only to you and your specific job site. Are any and all fragile electronics and antiques safely secured in another room and free from the threat of dust? If a bedroom is being remodeled, will you have new sleeping arrangements? Will the pets or the children need to be sent to a sitter’s house? Think about any and all possible hitches that may arise.

 6. Choose a Contractor with Great Reviews

Make sure to choose a contractor that has great reviews. This almost always means that they do great work, have pronounced customer service skills, and are adept at communicating with the client. A company with a code of conduct and a behavioral policy for their workers will prevent any complaints from your neighbors. You’ll never see a professional hired through Jupiter Home Remodeling Pros playing loud music or smoking a cigarette, for example. 

7. Make Sure That You Have a Contract

Before work begins, having a detailed and thorough contract about the price of the labor and the materials used will prevent any miscommunication further down the road. Ask to make sure that they have the proper permitting, licensing, and bonding before the work begins. It is always a good idea to have any professional contract in writing, regardless of the industry or service performed. 

The Best Home Remodeler in Jupiter, FL

If you follow our 7 tips listed above, you’ll have no problem choosing the best home remodeler for your home renovation project. To recap, make sure to always call for an estimate and speak with a representative to ask any questions that may not be answered on the website. Never cut corners when it comes to home remodeling, and always hire a reputable contractor that is licensed, insured, and bonded. After setting a realistic budget and making sure both parties are aware of the scope of the project, remember to prepare your home or business for the remodel. After you get everything in writing, it’ll be time to sit back and watch the magic happen!

Jupiter Home Remodeling Pros is the best home remodeler in Jupiter, FL for a number of reasons! With glowing reviews, a number of friendly references, and hundreds of happy customers, we can guarantee a job-well-done for every project under our name. We are licensed, insured, and bonded, and take great pride in the work that we do for our clients, as it is a direct reflection of the years of experience we have amassed. If you are ready to take the next step in your home remodeling journey, contact us today!

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