Cabinet Refinishing: How To Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets Like A Pro

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If you have been unhappy with your kitchen cabinets for a while, you may have thought about hiring someone to rip them out and replace them. Maybe that is an expense you aren’t ready for or, perhaps, your cabinets are still strong and sturdy. There is a solution! Kitchen cabinet refinishing can be the perfect […]

Why You Should Get White Kitchen Cabinets

Why You Should Get White Kitchen Cabinets

If you have been checking out kitchen remodeling ideas, you probably have seen more than a few photos of airy kitchens featuring white cabinets. White kitchen cabinets are a timeless design staple that make kitchens look clean, organized, and spacious. If you are leaning in this direction for your own kitchen remodel, getting white cabinets […]

6 Useful Hints for Painting Kitchen Cabinets (Expert Guide)

6 Useful Hints for Painting Kitchen Cabinets (Expert Guide)

Here are tips to help you when repainting kitchen cabinets: When marking doors and draws, do it at hidden points. The bottom sides are the most convenient areas to mark.  Keep knobs, screws, and other hardware where you can easily locate them. You can keep them in plastic bags or containers. Never apply paint to […]

How to Paint Old Kitchen Cabinets

How To Paint Old Kitchen Cabinets

Repainting kitchen cabinets is an excellent way to upgrade your kitchen at a budget-friendly cost. You don’t have to replace your old wooden or laminate kitchen cabinetry to attain a fresh look as long as they are in a good shape. Repainting the cabinets makes them look good as new and serviceable for a long time. It […]

Best Way To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets A Step By Step Guide

Knowing how to refinish kitchen cabinets can bring new life to your old cabinets and make your kitchen look brand new again. Kitchen cabinet doors are mostly used to store food, ingredients, and cutlery that create the need to refurbish from time to time. And depending on the damage you want to address, refinishing your […]

Here is Your Style Guide to Kitchen Cabinets

Your Style Guide To Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are a crucial feature in any kitchen. The primary purpose of kitchen cabinets is storage. But, they also play an aesthetic role. However, the challenge lies in finding a kitchen cabinet style that will satisfy your functional and aesthetic needs. The first step towards picking the right kitchen cabinet is understanding your needs. How […]

Expert Tips on Choosing Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Tips on Choosing Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Custom cabinets can transform your kitchen space to a great extent. You get the perfect size, the right colors, specific embellishments, and personalized quality according to your desires. However, choosing custom kitchen cabinetry is not an easy task. For most consumers, understanding the design elements and putting together a list of qualities and features can […]