6 Useful Hints for Painting Kitchen Cabinets (Expert Guide)

White kitchen cabinets palm beach gardens

Here are tips to help you when repainting kitchen cabinets: When marking doors and draws, do it at hidden points. The bottom sides are the most convenient areas to mark.  Keep knobs, screws, and other hardware where you can easily locate them. You can keep them in plastic bags or containers. Never apply paint to […]

Convert Bedroom to a Closet

Custom Closet Conversion In Wellington FL

If you ask homeowners what their biggest complaints are about their houses, closet space is likely to be at the top of the list. Most closets are too small and dim for anyone to use easily. They often have too little light for you to see your clothes properly. The average closet doesn’t measure up. […]

10 Best Kitchen Flooring Options (Contractor Guide To Kitchen Flooring)

Kitchen Flooring Options

Kitchen floors take a lot of abuse from the constant foot traffic, heat variations, liquid drips, and ingredient spills. Your floor has to be durable to handle all this pressure. Unfortunately, not all floor surfaces can endure all these harsh factors. This is why every homeowner should be cautious when choosing their kitchen floor material. […]

Remodeling A Kitchen From Start To Finish- Estimate, design, installation

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What are the differences between regular contractors and The Kitchen Design Team at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling? We were recently asked this question and our crew at just completed another exciting kitchen remodeling project in BallenIsles, Palm Beach Gardens. This is our third full kitchen remodel in that community and we asked our customers what […]

Best countertop materials for your kitchen

Kitchen Renovation and remodeling Palm Beach County

A kitchen remodeling project can involve tough choices and at the same time be very costly if you are not careful. Choosing a countertop for instance needs you to conduct due diligence and make a choice out of the possible hundreds in the market. You’ll find countertops made from wood, granite, marble, quartz to mention but a […]

A Successful Kitchen Remodeling Project: Start To Finish Case Study!

What Goes Into a Successful Kitchen Remodeling Process? Our crew just completed another exciting kitchen remodeling project in BallenIsles, Palm Beach Gardens Fl. It was a referral from a previous client. They called us and we agreed to meet at their home to do a consultation. The existing kitchen was an outdated design with some wear […]

How to Change a Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen Renovation and remodeling Palm Beach County

If you are looking for how to change a kitchen faucet, yours is probably broken and leaking right now. Or perhaps you are just looking to upgrade your kitchen space with quality and a better-looking faucet. While changing faucets seems like a small task that can be done using common tools, a minor mishap can […]

Bathroom Floor Plans

There are hundreds of bathroom floor plans out there. You can even sketch a floor plan according to the ideas in your mind and come up with creative designs. As a homeowner what you want is proper remodeling to capture all your needs and preferences. That’s what Palm Beach Premier Remodeling helps homeowners do. We have […]

How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor

Kitchen REmodeling contractor

We at Palm Beach Premier Remodeling understand why hiring a professional Bathroom remodeling contractor or kitchen remodeling contractor can be overwhelming. With so many contractors promising all sorts of outcomes and the horrifying stories from customers, you might wonder who perfectly suits your needs. But with us, this shouldn’t be intimidating. Whether you have a […]

How to Paint Old Kitchen Cabinets

Repainting kitchen cabinets is an excellent way to upgrade your kitchen at a budget-friendly cost. You don’t have to replace your old wooden or laminate kitchen cabinetry to attain a fresh look as long as they are in a good shape. Repainting the cabinets makes them look good as new and serviceable for a long time. It […]